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Naxxramass 10:


Naxxramas 25:


Obsidian Sanctum 10:

Cleared +3 Drakes

Obsidian Sanctum 25:

Cleared +3 Drakes

Malygos 10:


Malygos 25:


Guild information and News

Seikai Seifu is a guild formed by members from Filthy Gaming after the guild disbanded. The members have cleared all the content in TBC as well as WOTLK on normal and heroic mode.

We are a bunch of guys trying to create a competetive raiding guild in pve, clearing new content and try to achieve server first kills when new content is released. We expect all the members to give 110% focus in each raid, ofcourse a good laugh during raids is always welcome.
We are a hardcore raiding guild which raids 5 times a week from 18:45 until 23:00, these days are:
- monday
- tuesday
- wednesday
- thursday
- sunday

We try to achieve a strong core group of raiders wich makes raiding fun for all the members in the guild as well as making a good and fun atmosphere to maintain within the guild. We strongly believe that a proper organized and good leadership is a must to maintain happiness within a raiding guild.

With this being said, i hope it has become clear what kind of guild Seikai Seifu is.